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8 min readSep 25, 2020


We’re most of the way through the hottest part of the year (for our fellow northern hemispherians), and at CityFALCON we’ve been cooking up many new features and improvements for the platform.


A top-up funding round

Capital at risk — you may lose your entire investment.

In order to take advantage of the UK government’s Future Fund, we are running a top-up funding round. The scheme matches private investment pound-for-pound, so if we raise £300k from private investors, the UK government puts in £300k too. We must apply for the scheme, so receipt of matching funds is subject to approval of our application by the UK government.

The round will be lead by a successful serial entrepreneur who has had a c. £500m exit before and who is pledging £150k. We currently have eight months runway, and with the current pledge, Future Fund matching, revenue, and expected UK R&D reimbursements, we can expect a runway at least until 2022 (again, subject to approval and a successful top-up round).

Moreover, this is a convertible debt investment. If the company were to fail, the investors of this round would be debt-holders and therefore receive payouts from any distress sale of our tech and IP. On the other hand, if the company is valued very highly, the convertible debt holders can convert to equity to reap more upside than they could with non-converitble debt.

The terms of the convertible debt instrument are: 36 months to maturity, 8% interest, 100% premium if not converted, a 20% discount, and convertible at a “qualifying round” or at the vote of the debtholders. We are implementing a £10.5 valuation cap as well to prevent dilution in the event our valuation spikes later.

Visit our Invest page for more information. Since convertible debt is complicated, please see this Seedrs post explaining convertible debt in more detail. They also have a landing page discussing the Future Fund. Your capital is at risk. Even with the favourable terms and protection of debt, there is the possibility you could lose your entire investment.

New features

Prices, Charts, News on Charts for Cryptos, US Stocks

We have now added prices and charts for US stocks and for cryptocurrencies. But on top of that, you can even get news on the charts. Place your mouse near a major price movement and see the news surrounding that timeframe to better understand the reasons behind the price action. Try News on Charts for a Bitcoin chart.

Prices, charts, and news for Apple
Prices, charts, and news for Bitcoin

Company Filings from LSE, SEC, More

If you prefer your news directly from the source, we now provide you filings from four sources: the SEC in the United States and the London Stock Exchange (LSE), the Gazette, and Companies House in the UK. Many more regulatory agencies and stock exchanges are coming soon, including state registries in the US, so you can track private US companies along with private UK companies.

You’ll find filings aggregated for your watchlist on the Filings tab. Try it out yourself on a FAANGM watchlist.

Filings for a watchlist of Top US and UK Companies

But you can also find them for a single entity on the individual company pages along with the stock price, charts, alternative data, and other information:

Filings and other content for Revolut

Finally, if you’d rather peruse all filings from a particular source, visit the Filings Directory page.

Expanding any filings “card” will show additional information, and clicking the More button will take you to a page containing structured information about the filing and a PDF of the filing itself:

Individual filings and associated information

As you may have noticed, there are two new tabs on the individual company pages: Info and Alternative Data. The info tab shows basic company information, like headquarters locations, sector, legal entities, and stock tickers.

The alternative data tab currently contains Trustpilot customer ratings, so you can judge customer satisfaction and engagement. This is especially useful when researching less prolific companies that may not have a lot of news, but it also serves as an additional vector to research an investment target, beyond the traditional methods of financial statement analysis and reading the news.

Test the feature yourself by viewing the Trustpilot rating for Revolut.

More publications, fewer paywalls

Premium publications on CityFALCON display the full-text of the article right on our platform, free of paywalls and advertising. Some of the publications also serve non-public content, which is only available to their partners (and you, by extension).

Now we count more than 1000 publishers among Premium publications for our users, including big industry names like The HuffPost, The Economist, The Guardian, and Xinhua News. Peruse a partial list of the included publishers.

Take advantage of easy access without subscriptions or advertisement clutter by becoming a Gold user.

Once a Gold user, turn on the Show Premium Content Only filter and never worry about paywalls or advertisements on your news again.

Filter by Premium content for a paywall-free experience

No credit cards required

Previously we required a credit card to sign up for a Silver or Gold plan, but we realised this may cause some friction with users who want to sign up for a free trial first. For that reason, we have removed the requirement to enter a credit card for trials and for users with 100% coupons for their first month. Users will now be able to use free trials and special promotional coupons without handing over their credit card info.

Tip: if you aren’t already a Premium user (Gold or Silver), consider signing up using the promo code below — you have nothing to lose, and since you don’t need to enter a credit card, you won’t have to worry about an unexpected charge in case you don’t cancel.

Apple Sign In

We now have a new way to register for log in to CityFALCON! If you’re an Apple user, you can now sign up with your Apple ID in addition to Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, or regular email.

Apple Sign In now available

New mobile app

We also launched all of the features listed above on the mobile app except charts, so if you use the mobile app and have not yet downloaded the new version, make sure to do so. Each individual company page will now have four tabs: news, info, filings, and alternative data. Watchlists will have three.

Watchlist show news, filings, and alt data

Tutorial videos

We’ve created three new videos to help users extract even more value from our platform. If you ever wanted to know how to track analyst and credit activity, like upgrades and downgrades, now you simply watch a video. We have a tutorial for desktop and a tutorial for mobile. We also explain how to add research firms, like Goldman Sachs Research and Moodys.

For our mobile users, we also published a video that teaches you how to customise the mobile layout, fitting the flow of your financial content consumption experience. We also describe how Similar Stories are grouped and displayed on the mobile app.

Continue to fight the good fight

We still want to democratise finance and we realise times may be difficult for some, so we continue to offer a one-month free trial of our Silver plan to new users. All you have to do is apply this coupon code while signing up from our pricing page:


You can see instructions on entering the code in this Knowledge Base article. No credit cards required now for trials and periods covered by 100% coupons, so you’ve got nothing to lose except 30 seconds of your day.

Awards for our $6k 6th Birthday Giveaway

Thank you to all those who participated in the 1-year gold subscription giveaway in celebration of our 6th anniversary. We have notified the winners, distributed the vouchers for the 1-year subscriptions, and published the names of the winners on our social media channels.

Final Words

We continue to improve the product and deliver more content and information to our users. The future holds great potential. If you have anything you’d like to see on the platform, let us know in the comments or send us a message. From the lessons Ruzbeh learned over the years, one is to listen to the customers and investors on your product, and we are always ready to do that.

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